Whoops: the accidental blog post explained

Enough of you lovely readers caught my accidental post this morning about Henry's health that I feel I should explain. Henry has been sick for about three weeks (details below), and I was sending an email out to a bunch of concerned friends to give them an update. In the "to" field, I accidentally included the email address that updates Tomato Transplants. Hence: the accidental blog post.

So, what's wrong with Henry?

Short answer: we don't know. He woke up the night after Hallowe'en to an explosive stomach bug. Truly awful. It would last four or five nights, then stop for a few days, then come back worse than before. We took him from clinic to Emergency Room to clinic to doctor to x-ray to ER to ER. Finally, we were referred on to a pediatrician who has narrowed down three possible causes, all of which are treatable.

Two days after that visit, Henry is eating well and feeling good. He just begged me for a mid-afternoon bowl of cereal. ("Wellllllllll... okay.") We're keeping a close eye on him, but I think we've turned a corner.

Thanks very much for all the emails and messages of concern. You guys are the best guys.

Now back to the regular narrative of life.


Misty said...

So very happy to hear. (As Owen sits on the couch with a bowl at 1 am. I cannot imagine.)

Unknown said...

Spoke too soon. We were right back into the thick of it again at 2am.

So at least Owen was in good company, Misty. ;)