Guinea pigs and mortality

Erin is reading a book to the kids. It's about guinea pigs.

Erin: "Guinea pigs usually live 3-5 years..."

Alice interrupts her.

Alice: Then what?

Erin: Well, then they die.

Alice: (distraught) GUINEA PIGS DIE?

Erin: Of course. Everything dies. Guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs...

Alice: (if possible, even more distraught) JAKE IS GOING TO DIE?

Erin: Well, yes. Someday. But everything dies. People die...

Alice: (maximum distraught) I'M GOING TO DIE?

Erin: Oh, gosh....

Alice understands what death is. She just hadn't considered that it happens to all of us.

We spent much of the day consoling her, as we did with Henry and Jane when they both realized the same thing.

I tried many of the same points I used when talking to Jane about it after Grandma D died. None of them worked on Alice. She would like to be 3 forever, thanks.


ArtSmithApostle said...

Three, when you stop to think about it, is pretty much the perfect age to spend a life time being.

ArtSmithApostle said...

I feel like I ought to say something here about guinea pigs since, after all, my profile picture on my blogspot profile is a guinea pig.
But pointing out that when I travel in the Andes many guiniea pigs don't reach even their normal expected life span because we eat them, somehow doesn't seem appropriate.