The weight of the world

It's just after six in the morning. Henry and I are walking the dog along the Confederation Trail. The sun is just starting climb over the trees.

Me: You took a long time to fall asleep last night.

Henry: Yup.

Me: Everything okay?

He sighs.

Henry: It just takes forever to fall asleep. I just can't stop thinking about things.

Me: And then you start to worry that you're thinking too much about things, and then it's an hour later and you're still awake.

Henry: Yes! It's just like that.

The trail here is intersected by a street. Henry hits the button to activate the pedestrian crossing. We walk across and continue on the trail. Our feet crunch in the gravel.

Me: So what is it you're thinking about that's keeping you awake?

Henry: Mostly Lego.

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