Naming cruise ships and the accidental double entendre

We made a brief trip yesterday into Charlottetown and were greeted as we drove over the Hillsborough Bridge by three huge cruise ships at dock.

As we drove around downtown for our various stops, we were able to see the names. I forget them exactly, but they were things like Norwegian Dawn, or Ocean Princess, or Emerald Sunset.

We agreed they were pretty lame.

To kill a bit of time on the drive home, we started coming up with new cruise ship names. The rules were pretty simple. Pick one word that is vaguely related to water. Pick another that suggests something mystical or mythical. Put them together.

Here are a few:

Atlantis Sunrise (Henry)

Aqua Princess (Jane)

Fairy of the Sea (Alice)

Henry, especially, loved this game. I glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw his eyes sparkle as he assembled words in his head. I could tell he had just come up with a name he particularly loved.

"Wet Dream," he announced.

He sat back in his seat, very proud of himself. Totally oblivious. Neither of his parents cracked a smile.

"Nice one, Cornbread," I said. "Nice one."


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I am reminded of the name a certain brother of mine created for the protagonist in a story he wrote in the 4th grade. If I remember, I think the inspiration came from The Lord of the Rings character as the name rhymed with "Bilbo."