The gospel according to Alice

"Good news!" yells Alice.

She is tearing from one end of this old farmhouse to the other as she seeks her sister.

"Jane! Good news!"

We arrived last night to our friends' farm in Little Sands, PEI. While they take a well-earned vacation, we're caring for their four horses, two sheep, two dozen chickens, two dogs, donkey, and llama for the next ten days.

It is before 9 o'clock, but we've already chased chickens, pet horses, and pretended the hay wagon is a pirate jail. Life is, in a word, perfect.

"Jane!" Alice yells. "Good news!"

She finds her sister turning somersaults in the living room.

"What?" asks Jane.

Alice's feet can't stop stamping. Her news is exploding inside of her.

"Play-dough!" she screams. "Mum brought our play-dough!"

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