Awwww, Dad.

Monday comics on Tuesday!

My apologies, comics pals. I am feeling poorly with a cold, and I was not able to post this comic on schedule. Rest assured, the management is taking steps to prevent this from happening again. I do make these a few weeks in advance. Surely, one would think I could scan them in advance, too.

Also! See how I am wearing a nice new shirt in this comic? That old one was starting to get a bit fresh, if you catch my meaning.

Also x 2! Welcome to all the nice new people who found me via this tweet over the weekend to Chris Hadfield: the Canadian astronaut superstar. That day, I was retweeted from space, and I accidentally dumped a bunch of cooking oil on my favourite pants. Everything averages out, I guess.

New pals: you can follow me here on tomato transplants, or on Facebook, or heck, even over on Tumblr. So many places!

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