Imaginary frand

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For a few days, Jane had an imaginary friend named Johnny with which she attempted to get double servings of dessert. It didn't work out quite that way; Johnny got dumped pretty quick.

About a day after Johnny left, Darth Vader showed up in Alice's life. He is a constant companion and has none of the personality traits displayed in any of the Star Wars films.


movita beaucoup said...

My brother had an imaginary friend named Peter Wife. He'd get really mad when people would say, "White? Peter WHITE?" Because it was Wife. Anyhoo, Peter seemed like an all-round cool dude. I wonder where he lives now?

Unknown said...

This comment maybe gives more away about your personality than you intended?

Misty said...

I had an imaginary friend named Banjo. Why Banjo? No idea. But he had curly hair.