Broken needle

Erin snapped the needle on her old Singer sewing machine. She took it to the store to find a replacement.

"You’re supposed to replace these every eight hours of use," explained the clerk as she examined the old needle. "How long did you use this one?"

"Oh," said Erin, "about twelve years."


movita beaucoup said...

I've been using my mother's sewing machine which hasn't had a needle replacement in over 30 years. I will not replace it until it flies off the machine and lodges itself in a wall (or me).

We recently took our vacuum cleaner to be repaired and the DudeBro behind the counter told us we should be cleaning/washing our filter after every use. We stood at the counter and stared at him for, like, an hour, completely speechless. And then laughed. Oh, how we laughed.

Unknown said...

No lie, we put the first replacement in, and it snapped after about two hours of use.