Hiya. I'm Dave Atkinson. I'm a dad, homeschooler, writer, journalist, and sometimes cartoonist living in Charlottetown, PEI.

My first book for kids aged 8-12 comes out this fall from Nimbus Publishing. It's called Wereduck. Here's how Nimbus, my fabulous publisher, describes it on their site.

Kate’s family has told her that on her thirteenth birthday she’ll hear the “Whooooo” call of the moon, and howl back, and become a werewolf just like them. But she doesn’t want to be a werewolf. She’s always felt more like a duck.

On the night of her thirteenth birthday, Kate stands near her family’s cabin in the backwoods of New Brunswick and hears the moon calling—but it sounds like more of a “Whoooo?” as in “Who are you?” and Kate does what she’s always wanted to do—she quacks. Quack, quack, quacks.

Her family tries to understand Kat’es new full-moon form, but they are busy integrating themselves with some new, edgy werewolves in town. Engaging, hilarious, and utterly believable, Wereduck is a thrilling addition to the were-canon.

I'm also a radio journalist. My work has appeared on on programs such as The Current, As it Happens, Sounds Like Canada, Maritime Magazine, Maritime Noon, Tapestry, In the Field, and regional radio shows across the country. Listen to examples of some of my recent work here.

Tomato Transplants is where I keep my creative writing and comics about my family. It features my wife, Erin, and our silly kids: Henry, Jane, and Alice.

Erin and I grew up in Leamington, Ontario: the tomato capital of Canada. And, yes, that's where the blog's name comes from. By day, I promote the stories of research at the University of Prince Edward Island.