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Here you'll find links to some of my more recent radio stories.

Collective Wisdom

My monthly parenting column on CBC Radio in the Maritimes takes common parenting problems and presents them to people on the street. I weave the collected bits of wisdom along with a story from my own family. Here are few examples:

What is the meaning of life?
What was the best part of winter when you were a kid?
Who taught you to swear?
How did you decide where your family would live?
What's the one thing you wish you did better as a parent?
What were you afraid of when you were a kid?
What was the best part of summer when you were a kid?
How do you get your kids to go play outside?
What's a sook?
Are today's young people lazy?
Family food traditions

Maritime Magazine

Maritime Magazine is a half-hour radio program that features some of the best long-form radio documentaries and interviews in the world. I've been lucky enough to produce a few items for them.

The Main Monk
Islanders By Choice
The Binstead Haunting
The Supernova Hunters, Part II
The Supernova Hunters, Part I

Hockey Day In Canada 2012

I produced a couple of short documentaries for CBC Radio as part of their Hockey Day in Canada celebrations in 2012.

Non-checking hockey
Hockey friendship: Aaron Anderson's story (winner of the 2012 Atlantic Journalism Award for Sports Reporting, any medium)

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